Installing Virtualbox

Author: Stu Feeser


  1. Set up VirtualBox so that we can launch VMs for Ansible to configure.
  2. Verify the download and install.


  1. Set up a symlink to our VirtualBox directory to make managing commands easier. We will map downloads -> /mnt/c/Users//Downloads/. Replace with your user name of course!

    $ cd ~/

    $ ln -s /mnt/c/Users/<username>/Downloads/ downloads

  2. Now we can easily cd into our Windows 10 downloads directory.

    $ cd downloads/

  3. Create a virtualbox directory and cd into it.

    $ mkdir virtualbox && cd virtualbox

  4. IMPORTANT: Remain in this directory for all remaining steps.


  5. Download VirtualBox! Don’t do this from the browser, do it here:

    $ wget

  6. Now grab SHAMSUM256 from

    $ wget

  7. Confirm there’s nothing fishy about your version of VirtualBox.

    $ sha256sum --ignore-missing -c SHA256SUMS

    VirtualBox-6.1.18-142142-Win.exe: OK
  8. Using File Explorer on your Windows 10 desktop, find the VirtualBox executable (VirtualBox-6.1.18-142142-Win.exe) and install VirtualBox.

  9. That’s it for this lab!

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